Meet John Krisel

John Krisel brings to those being served over 25 years of dedicated clinical experience from a variety of practice settings. Allow him to share practical, personal and professional knowledge gleamed from well-known areas of service.

Employment in the inpatient mental health treatment setting has provided him a good measure of expertise assisting those addressing a myriad of mental health challenges.  He brings expertise in dual diagnosis treatment of multiple chemical abuse and dependence issues such as Alcohol, Cannabis, Cocaine, Opioid, and Methamphetamine disorders.

He has provided mental health treatment of returning citizens from various states of incarceration who may require re-adjustment and re-integration into mainstream society.

His experience within the educational setting, PK-12 with emphasis upon crisis intervention, evaluation of emotional impairment within the realms of IDEA. Assisting with implementing change focused clinical services as outlined in Individual Education Treatment Plans (IEPT) took place in a local urban school district.

He has invested heavily in crisis mental health evaluation and treatment following the guidelines for emergency psychiatric admissions and 401 criteria for services

He has dedicated decades of outpatient counseling, working collaboratively with family systems in crisis. There has been assessment and intervention with and on behalf of the victims of abuse, neglect, and other forms of violence

He has also advocated on behalf of persons served in the Criminal Justice, Child Welfare, Educational, and Governmental systems.

The service to all mankind will unabatedly continue with the individual, family, and groups systems to support growth and change.