Helping to Heal|Phone: (313) 421-8366 

    Helping to Heal|Phone: (313) 421-8366 

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    Consult an expert clinical therapist today to help address your psychological issues. For dependable counseling and psychological therapy programs, Delaware Professional Therapy in Hazel Park, MI is the company to call. Our team of mental health specialists is always ready to respond to your needs.

    Outstanding Track Record

    We are opening a new practice on October 5,2015. This new practice is backed by 25 years of knowledge and experience in psychology. Business owner John Krisel is a licensed social worker that you can trust and depend on. Our team is composed of highly trained clinical social workers working with people aged 5 and up. We constantly align our services with the latest medical and psychological breakthroughs to further improve the quality of our counseling and therapy sessions.

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    Find comfort and free yourself from the pain and stress that burden you. Through our therapy programs, we can help you overcome your weaknesses and build on your strengths. For more information about our psychological services, contact Delaware Professional Therapy. We look forward to hearing from you soon.